Stef (firecat) wrote,

The quest for the perfect artsy/craftsy activity

I just posted this on rec.crafts.beads in response to a question "Why do you bead?"

I've been on a quest for about five years to find arts/crafts I enjoy doing.

  • Writing fiction. I like it, but it's emotionally draining, and I can only do it in small amounts, not enough to satisfy my creative urges.
  • Collage. I like it because it's cheap (the way I do it) and I like putting incongruous images together. But the gluing/finishing part is messy, and there are only so many decoupaged AOL CDs that I can give away. ;-)
  • Crochet. I like it because I can carry it around and the finished product is practical. I have a huge project right now, and I'm doing finishing stuff that isn't challenging at this point, so I do it when I am watching TV or doing something else that doesn't take my full attention. I don't like that the finished product (unless I'm doing thread crochet) tends to be big and warm - my house is already too full of stuff, and I live in a warm climate already. I will probably do some more thread crochet at some point.
  • Lampworking. I've always liked the way hot glass flows, and I wanted to work with it, but I thought glass blowing would be too strenuous for me. I took one class in lampworking and I loved it - it was addictive the way video games are addictive, and I even had pretty beads to show for it! I haven't done more because the classes are expensive and the equipment setup / fireproofing for doing it at home is expensive. At some point I'll probably do more.
  • Beading. This is my current favorite craft because it's challenging - so many new techniques to learn; it can be done without spending a lot of money; beads are so much fun to collect and handle; the finished product is small and everybody loves it as a gift; I've been able to make stuff I've always wanted but been too cheap to buy.

What are your favorites and why?

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