Stef (firecat) wrote,

via roane

If your browser autofills stuff you type into the address bar, enter each letter of the alphabet into your browser and list the first cached (or bookmarked) page. (I went here after the March 3 entry on writing recommendation letters. I think I was sent there via Making Light, but I can't remember) (This site wanted onto the fat friendly health professionals list. I didn't add it because it discussed weight loss as a positive goal.) (bear of the day. May not be work safe) (Toooools) (who's un/friended me today?) (some kind of Japanese art, but it won't let me on right now so I can't remember) (fan forum for my fave band, Sweet)
http:// (quizilla slutcom test, which I took and didn't post my results) (cha' hats for sale for charity site, where I got my kitty hat) (wire and beading supply) (which we use for ordering pizza) (don't remember why I went here) (page won't open) (online catalog for Mac products)
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