Stef (firecat) wrote,

Cat Soup

My sweetie kyubi showed me the DVD of Cat Soup (aka Nekojiru-so) over the weekend. It's a 34 minute short anime, combining digital and traditional cel animation, based on a manga called Nekojiru Udon. If you go to the Cat Soup web site it will give you a storyline, but don't take the storyline too seriously; the piece is mainly a surreal/dreamlike collection of images tied together with themes including journey, water, time, death, eating/being eaten, and god.

The extras on the DVD are also well worth enjoying. There's a director's commentary that's really quite funny, as he keeps describing questions that people ask him about the meaning of various parts of the film, and saying "there is no meaning. That's just how it worked out."

There's also an interview with the director called "How to Make Cat Soup" that's longer than the film, and much more informative than similar interviews/making-of documentaries of most American films. In fact I would call it positively geeky. In one section he very seriously answers the question, which he says he is frequently asked, "What is the drug of choice for this movie?"

Finally, kyubi had the beyond-cool limited edition copy of the DVD, the cover of which has a liquid-filled insert with two cartoon kittens floating inside.

Joe-Stef says check it out.
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