Stef (firecat) wrote,

Interests list meme; or, how punctuation matters

via kshandra: if you remove some of the commas from your interests list, do you get bizarre new interests? Here are some of mine:

70s rock affective disorders (very apropos...)
anime anthropology (a description of Lost in Translation?)
babylon 5 bbws (hubba hubba!)
being bellies (a description of Buddhism?)
cameo glass cassandra (I told you it would break, but did you believe me? noooo)
common sense compassion (I may adopt that as a motto)
ebay entropy
genderfuck glam
glass haiku
listening little glass cats
observation obsession
personality typing peter weir
purple queer quilts
rumi samurai
sandman sanrio (which more or less sums up the Li'l Endless)
stanley kubrick steampunk
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