Stef (firecat) wrote,

Help with updating alt.polyamory home page

[cross-posted to polyamory; feel free to pass on to other LJ polyamory communities.]

I'm working on updating the alt.polyamory home page at

So far, I've updated these sub-pages:

Local Poly Groups ::

Poly Mailing Lists (includes chat rooms and poly friendly personal ad sites) ::

Poly Folks (home pages or poly pages of poly and poly-friendly folks) ::

Here's how you can help:

Send or correct info about local poly groups, poly mailing lists, chat rooms, and other poly networking resources.

If you're poly/poly-friendly and you want your home page or the poly page from your web site listed, send it along with the name you'd like it to be listed under. Note: If you previously submitted your web site, please check that it's still there. I had to remove some sites of people I know are still active in the poly community, because the addresses were wrong with no forwarding addresses.

Send info to stef at - not to my LJ email address - with the subject line "alt.polyamory home page". Feel free to comment here, but please also send the information by email so I can sort and store it properly. I can't guarantee I'll see comments.

Thanks much!
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