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lyrical quiz meme

via lysana: The idea of this meme/quiz is as follows: I hit Shuffle on my MP3 player and picked my favorite line or two from the lyrics of the first 20 songs (1) from unique artists (2) with lyrics (3) in English (4) that weren't simply endless repeats of "jump with my baby tonight" or similar. If you feel so inclined, guess artists in the comments. I'll post the answers Wednesday.

1 So you think you'll take another piece of me / to satisfy your intellectual need
2 Their flesh was awakened to its ancient melody / But they bound it with ropes of self-righteous civility
3 She lives in the place in the side of our lives / where nothing is ever put straight
4 The only things real to us are the words
5 You're gonna walk back through the heartaches / you're gonna walk back through the pain
6 Why, why, why, why, why, why are you never home ?
7 Hey rain, get out of my window/ 'cause he ain't here with me
8 He brewed a song of love and hatred, / oblique suggestions, and he waited
9 She has a toke and makes a joke about the alley man / Never pleasured from the treasure in a garbage can
10 Midnight creeps so slowly into hearts of men who need more than they get
11 Protons, neutrons I ate a rock from the moon
12 You better save it babe / Save it for your rainy day
13 I think we should put some mountains here. Otherwise, what are all the characters going to fall off of?
14 Splitting, splitting sound / Silver heels spitting, spitting snow.
15 Guiding a ship, it takes more than your skill / it's the compass inside; it's the strength of your will.
16 Sheep on hillside, bird on bough / Pause and listen in amaze
17 Every time your eyes meet mine / Clouds of qualm burst into sunshine
18 Backwoods folks is old and brittle / But they sway like a tree to the sound of a fiddle
19 The general sat, and the lines on the map / moved from side to side
20 Welcome here from outer space / The milky way still in your eyes

I think several of these won't be hard for old-timers like me. Not sure about the others.


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May. 4th, 2004 05:55 am (UTC)
I can't imagine how long it would take me to find 20 mp3s with english lyrics by hitting shuffle and using the track forward button.
May. 4th, 2004 08:40 am (UTC)
Is that because your mp3s mainly don't have English lyrics or don't have lyrics?
May. 4th, 2004 08:47 am (UTC)
A combination of the two forces. I have a large number of mp3s that are instrumental, and then a somewhat smaller but still significant number that are in foreign languages.
May. 4th, 2004 09:07 am (UTC)
I did the meme twice. The first time, I had to hit "forward" about 40 times because iTunes kept giving me repeat artists, instrumental artists, and foreign language songs. Then my computer crashed and I lost my list, so I did the meme over again. I think I only hit "forward" about 30 times that time.

I thought of doing the meme with my RockPopRBFolkAlt playlist, which leaves out most of the instrumental stuff.
May. 4th, 2004 09:16 am (UTC)
I've got only one playlist: "Everything on shuffle." :) Speaking of which, my mp3 server is back online, which means I can actually grab some music to listen to at work! Ooh!
May. 4th, 2004 06:04 am (UTC)
The only one I recognize is #8, from Jethro Tull's Minstrel in the Gallery.
May. 4th, 2004 08:41 am (UTC)
Re: Arg
Maybe it's harder than I thought. I counted you as one of the folks who would find it easy.
May. 4th, 2004 09:00 am (UTC)
20 - "Show Me," The Pretenders
May. 4th, 2004 01:03 pm (UTC)
7 is I Can't Stand the Rain. The version I have is by Tina Turner, but there are two more out there. 12 is by Jimi Hendrix, (Let Me Stand Next to Your)Fire . 14 is the song before (on Hounds of Love) Waking the Witch, by Kate Bush (Ice?).

It's amazing how difficult this exercise is when the lyrics are unhooked from the melody.

May. 5th, 2004 08:37 pm (UTC)
none of them. dang, usually i know one or two.
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