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I want to prioritize getting rid of stuff I no longer want. I also want to give away the stuff that is still in good repair to someone who might find it useful or enjoyable to have, rather than throwing it in the garbage.

What are your favorite ways to get rid of stuff? I know of various LiveJournal communities and other online forums for getting rid of stuff. Are there any you've actually used and recommend? Are there charities and thrift stores you recommend? Other things I haven't thought of?


Jun. 12th, 2004 11:38 am (UTC)
Unfortunately, I'm better at culling than I am at actually getting rid of what I cull. We have a whole flat double-bed size futon in the basement full of stuff to re-home. I keepthinking about eBay but not getting around to it. Not that this is any help to you, except maybe relieving some of your own guilt....

As far as clothes, most battered-women's shelters have plenty of clothes in smaller sizes but are really happy to get clothes, especially job-worthy clothes, in plus sizes. I've been automatically told they don't need anything, and then I mention the sizes, and they're really eager.

I am getting better at figuring what others won't want at all (even if it still works or whatever) and should just go to the dump de dump dump. Wait until we clean out the garage next!

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