Stef (firecat) wrote,

Stef's rants: 2

In this entry I invited people to suggest topics for me to rant or blather about. Here is number 2, suggested by snippy.

How do you feel about Lush? If you use it, what are your favorites?

You sent me three Lush products, for which I am very grateful! I've used two of them: the "Butterball bath bomb" and the "Floating Island" (I broke it in half, and I just used the second half yesterday). I loved the way the bath bomb made my skin feel, which surprised me because I don't think of myself as having dry skin. But it made the tub really slippery and it took quite a long time to clean the tub. I liked the floating island, although the experience wasn't as impressive as the bath bomb. Both of them smelled nice and didn't have an overwhelming scent.

I'm glad that Lush labels their products and has vegan products and uses only natural ingredients and doesn't test on animals.

I haven't purchased any Lush products for myself so far because they cost more than I want to spend on a bath product, and I don't use cosmetics, and I have an everyday soap I'm happy with (Dr Bronner's Peppermint), and I have an industrial-sized bottle of cheap shampoo. But I might just need to buy more Butterballs for special occasions, and I might try out their hair products at some point. (Although putting fancy natural hair products on hair that is frequently tortured with peroxide and other harsh chemicals related to the dying process seems...odd.)
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