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More of a blather-let

snippy also asked me:

Should I keep trying with my plants, or resign myself to theft?

(For background, see her post on the subject.)

If someone repeatedly stole my plants, I'm sure I'd give up eventually, or plant poison ivy; but from this distance I find myself thinking "Someone who steals plants must really need them. Maybe I will continue to provide them with plants and consider it a sort of spiritual gift to the universe, a declaration of my faith that everything is connected and therefore what does a plant-stealer good also does me good."


Jun. 22nd, 2004 02:50 pm (UTC)
plant theft
nobody who steals dahlias really "needs" them. i sorta like your karmic viewpoint, but i think i'd just be pissed instead. i'd probably install a hidden webcam to sniff out who's doing it, and then confront them. if they really "need" the plants, i'd be happy to give them some, but no stealing the ones i've lavished attention on, and look forward to seeing bloom.

when i grew a lot of plants from seedlings, i would set out the ones i had no room for with a sign that people could take them. i'm all for sharing, but not for stealing.

i might replant with a sign asking the thief to please leave those alone because it's so disappointing to walk out and find my plants gone. if zie has any heart, maybe that'll do something.

poison ivy! *grin*. my nasty side really likes that. it also likes coating the newly planted balls with cayenne pepper.

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