Stef (firecat) wrote,

susanstinson rocks.
"Fat and Greed"(Published as: "Nothing succeeds like excess: corporate greed goes unchecked in a fat-phobic society." Women’s Review of Books, 18:10-11, Jul '01)

I have a fantasy about what the covers of popular magazines might look like if the publishers stopped using the obsession with universal slenderness to sell each month’s issue, and – to indulge in a fresh, new look -- focused on the contribution economic greed makes to ill health:
  • LOSE 20, 40, 60 POUNDS OF EXCESS RESOURCE CONSUMPTION, and Never, Ever Re-Gain Them!
  • SHOCKING FACT! The cost of providing basic education, health care, food and water for all the people on earth is less than the net worth of Bill Gates!
  • SPECIAL OFFER: New Equality Breakthrough!
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