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fluffhouse finally coughed up my interests-in-law

(Includes rather lengthy commentary.)

Based on the lj interests lists of those who share my more unusual interests, the interests suggestion meme thinks I might be interested in

1. books score: 37
Of course I'm interested in books, but I don't have a lot of very general interests in my list. I do have audio books, charlotte bronte, david case, j.r.r. tolkien, jane austen, john le carré, lois mcmaster bujold, natalie goldberg, nanowrimo, neil gaiman, rainer maria rilke, reading, rec.arts.sf.composition, robert graves, rumi, sandman, science fiction, t.s. eliot, ursula k. le guin, vernor vinge, william butler yeats, wiscon, writing

2. cooking score: 26
Sometimes I think I should be more interested in cooking than I am. I like a good meal, and I can prepare a good meal if I put my mind to it, but I don't put my mind to it very often. My interests in cooking run to how fast I can put together a decent meal. So I suppose I could put 5-minute meals in my interests list.

3. coffee score: 24
Again, it's too general. I do have peets and death to starbucks (and death to starbucks is even shared by someone...I don't know them, though).

4. movies score: 24
Too general, but I have akira kurosawa, alan rickman, anime, hayao miyazaki, jet li, judi dench, peter weir, stanley kubrick, wings of desire

5. art score: 19
Too general. I have 70s rock, alternative press expo, beading, cameo glass, collage, crochet, dale chihuly, glass, haiku, knitting, lampworking, music, needlework, piano preludes, poetry, pretty pictures, quilts, wireworking

6. computers score: 18
I have macintosh listed.

7. psychology score: 17
I have what makes people tick, transformation, shyness, personality typing, depression warriors, ambivert, aiee (association of introverts explaining everything), affective disorders.

8. history score: 17
I'm not interested in the whole subject of history. I am interested in specific bits of history that are relevant to my other interests. It would be hard to figure out specific history-related interests to add. I have a few vaguely history-related interests listed, such as chivalry and samurai.

9. love score: 16
I kinda go round the topic with interests like being, amplectere potestem "et" (which does relate to love for me, though I'm not sure I can explain why), compassion, devotion, listening, mutual degrumplement (coined by my sweetie kyubi), romantic friendship, romantic love, rumi, sapiosexuality, silence, touch, wings of desire

10. sex score: 16
I have a fetish for nuance, bbws, bellies, bhms, bisexuality, genderfuck, holding hands, sapiosexuality

11. photography score: 15
Photography is mostly subsumed under the pretty pictures interest. I take pictures and I love other people's good photography but I can't say I study photography.

12. travel score: 15
This isn't there for a simple reason: I don't much like travel. I do it when I have to, to get places I want to be, which are mainly places where there are people I want to see. I do tend to get a lot out of it when I do it, but I'm not sure how to indicate that in the form of an interest.

13. polyamory score: 15
I have alt.polyamory instead. I figure that gets the point across, and I do really do most of my talking about polyamory there. Sometimes I go to the polyamory community on LJ or a local mailing list, but I get fed up with them pretty fast. I'm just an old crank, I guess.

14. chocolate score: 14
Unlike many people, I can take or leave chocolate, even really high-quality chocolate. If I were going to put my favorite dessert in the list, I'd put creme bruleé, but I just don't spend a lot of time thinking about creme bruleé, as delicious as it is.

15. sushi score: 14
I like a small subset of sushi, but I'm not interested in sushi...that would imply I wanted to explore more than the six or eight kinds of sushi I currently enjoy.

16. radiohead score: 14
I have no clue what radiohead is. Why is it so interesting?

17. feminism score: 14
Yeah, I suppose I could add that. I do have wiscon. But then I'd also have to add class and a whole lot of other political interests. Can't they just be assumed in what makes people tick?

18. harry potter score: 14
Harry Potter is all right, but not as fascinating as a lot of other things to me.

19. hiking score: 13
My mobility isn't sufficient to permit much hiking these days.

20. philosophy score: 13
I can't claim to be interested in philosophy as an academic discipline, and when I see the word, that's what I think of. I used to be the philosophy specialist at Yale Press when I was a manuscript editor there. I was the philosophy specialist because all the other editors hated working on philosophy books, and I kind of enjoyed them. But I also felt very much out of my depth with most Western philosophy. buddhism did make it into my interests list; I approach that more as a philosophy than as a religion.

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