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I'm Stef. I have not experienced sexual violence or abuse in my life so far. It causes me a lot of anger that so many people I care for have suffered from it. I support those who choose to speak out about it and I support those who choose not to. I am glad to know that some people who suffered it have healed. I hope that those who have not healed receive support that can help them get to where they want to be.

I dislike the fact that sexual violence and abuse is treated in my culture as more shameful and horrific than other forms of violence, because I think that causes some victims and survivors to blame themselves for what happened and makes it more difficult to speak about.

I also dislike the opposite side of the coin, that sexual violence and abuse is often considered not to be a form of violence or abuse at all. I think that prevents some people from being able to name their feelings that something wrong was done to them.

I hope that people who have experienced sexual violence and abuse will consider me open to hearing their experiences and open to being educated on how their experiences have affected them and how I can best help.
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