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When Serene posted these, she said that when she's feeling down, making the lists helps her feel better. I think they wouldn't help me when I am feeling down, but I wasn't down today so I didn't have a problem writing them.

Five things that are good about me:

  • I'm smart
  • I have common sense
  • I'm not a victim
  • I'm generous
  • I pay attention
Five things I'm grateful for:
  • My loved ones
  • My cat Selkie
  • Good financial situation
  • My self acceptance
  • Coffee
Five people or animals who love me without reservation:
I don't think there is anyone who loves me "without reservation" and I wouldn't want there to be. I think love does partly depend on my making some effort to behave well toward those who love me. But it's also important to me that there are some beings who love me even though I don't *always* behave well.

So here are five beings whose love for me I trust:

  • My mother
  • My father
  • My "outlaw husband"
  • My girlfriend M
  • My cat Selkie
Five times in recent memory when I was happy/joyful/contented:
  • This morning drinking coffee and posting to the net
  • Lying down for a nap yesterday afternoon
  • Attending Aida at the SF Opera with my dad on Sunday
  • Helping my friends pick out a cat to adopt
  • At Moulin Rouge with my girlfriend N, holding hands and giggling hysterically when they played [name of tune left out to avoid spoiler]
Five things I'm good at:
  • Writing
  • Asking questions
  • Helping shelter cats feel safe and cared for
  • Making quick'n'dirty web sites
  • Giving backrubs
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