Stef (firecat) wrote,

What is intimacy?

[Inspired by irritation with someone on a mailing list who was seemingly defining intimacy as 8 hour tantra orgasms]

Is it having sex with someone?
Having sex with someone for the 1000th time?
Letting someone give you an orgasm?
Helping someone have an orgasm?
Masturbating for someone?
Witnessing an orgasm?
Caring enough that you're vulnerable to harm?
Caring enough that you go out of your way to avoid causing harm?
Kicking someone in the butt when they need it, even if it hurts?
Talking about your secret hopes and fears?
Talking about the details of your life?
Talking about what color curtails you want?
Crying in someone's arms?
Going into the other room to cry because you want to let your bedmate sleep?
Holding someone who's crying?
Sleeping while someone is crying?
Holding someone who's sleeping?
Holding someone who's dying?
Holding someone while watching a kung fu movie?
Sleeping intertwined?
Sleeping with your butts touching?
Sleeping with separate blankets?
Caring more about a needy friend?
Caring more about the bleeding crowd?
Caring more about your fingernails?
Having an "all is one" experience?
Having an "I am utterly alone" experience?
Admiring a flower?
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