Stef (firecat) wrote,

My journal is called The Cat & Dragon Rag because The Cat & Dragon is the name of my house and a moniker for my relationship with the OH, and The Cat & Dragon Rag is what I named my newspaper way back when. (Crayon was one of the first stabs at a web content aggregator.)

My subtitle is Litter & Tinder because that was the subtitle of my Crayon newspaper. Because what else would newspaper be for at The Cat & Dragon?

My friends page is called "Stef's friends" because I didn't think it was worth bothering to think up something clever.

My username is firecat because when I joined LJ, the username "stef" was already taken, and "firecat" is my first backup username when I want to join something and "stef" is taken. It was originally a ritual name. (I suspect recycling ritual names into online monikers has a long and dubious history.)

My default userpic is nothing right now because up until November 3 I had "regime change begins at home" as my userpic, and afterward I was upset because regime change didn't happen and I didn't want to be reminded every time I saw my icon, but I didn't want to just switch to another userpic because I still think regime change needs to begin at home.
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