Stef (firecat) wrote,

Help save Snoop (sf bay area)

A message from the PHS volunteer manager:

We write to you at this time with a special request. Some of you who
visit with or walk our dogs know of Snoop, a loveable, two-year-old
Shepherd mix who has now spent a quarter of his short life here in our
kennels! We are absolutely grateful for the care you've shown him, as
that is what has kept him stable since he arrived last March. For
reasons we understand and others we don't, he has not been adopted
despite incredible efforts on the part of our volunteers and staff. We
have used every available resource. Snoop has been in high-visibility
kennels and low-stress kennels. He has gone out on multiple mobile
adoptions, has been featured in multiple newspaper Pet of the Week ads
and even been on the radio. Our Behavior Department staff and
volunteers have given him lots of one-on-one attention. His kennel
activity could be keeping some potential adopters away. Simply stated,
he does not "show" well. He can be very vocal and jumpy while in his
kennel, but is much better when taken outside his kennel. Unfortunately,
most potential adopters don't get that far. Snoop also has issues with
other dogs and will likely not be the kind of dog his new owners can let
run loose at a dog park. He does not lunge at other dogs, and, with the
right matches, can get along well enough for off-leash play. He's not
perfect, but is worthy of a good home which we are hoping to find before
the New Year. Perhaps you know of a potential home...a friend,
neighbor, relative who may be interested. Maybe you could post his
photo where you work, and/or forward this message to friends in your personal email address books. We would sure appreciate anything you can do. We realize Snoop is just one dog. But, in the end, helping our animals one at a time is all we can do.
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