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Spent the night at J's and went to somewhat more than half of the Big Moves Day of Dance for fat women.

It all reminded me of how crotchety I am. How I demand my comfort and familiarity. As in: I can't sleep in a different bed, or with the wrong cover configuration, or with the wrong pillow, and I can't do without coffee, and I can't do more than 2 hours of dance classes without feeling exhausted.

(On the other hand, given how inactive I am, I am f'ing amazed that I can do 2 hours of dance classes.)

It was quite nice to do some Haitian dance again. I love the snake dance...

In the belly dance class, I just wanted to stand there and practice the basic figure 8 over and over again, but the instructor was told to offer us some instant gratification, so we ended up moving all over the room trying to do walks and shimmies and arms all at once. Too confusing.

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