Stef (firecat) wrote,

Cut-tag photos poll results

My poll yesterday about cut-tagging photos produced the following results:

Of those who made a specific selection (not "Other"):

Slightly less than half voted that I should cut-tag all photos.

Slightly more than half voted that I should cut-tag only photos larger than a specific size (about the same number of people voted for each option, 10K, 60K, 100K, or "none").

Of the folks who voted "Other," a number of people wanted wide photos cut-tagged (which I will definitely do, regardless), and several people didn't care if the first photo was cut-tagged but did want additional photos cut-tagged.

Based on these results, I'm inclined to go with the following in my journal:

  • I won't cut-tag one photo that's a reasonable width and 10K or less.
  • I will cut-tag all other photos.

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