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What's funny about this "knitting class" meme mostly isn't the names that it randomly picked but the fact that I probably could name at least one knitter on my friends list who fits each of those things.
LiveJournal Knitting Class by CaptainVern
Can't cast onailbhe
Can knit you a scarf in 15 minutesfirecat
Only knits with the most expensive yarnscharlesks
Intarsia prosythyry
Thinks knitting is "too girly"zpdiduda
Knits cat toys all day and talks to no onehfnuala
Has been working on the same afghan for 5 yearslouisedunn
Wants to stab people with needlescyan_blue
Rips out their work all the timeexplodingcat
Spins their own yarndracolemur
Owns too many knitting booksdeyo
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