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The rassnfrassn "things you haven't done" meme, and an alternate

I have been having an "oh geez, I'm not one of the kewl kids" reaction to this meme, and originally had it included in my list of "things you haven't done," but then I began to see other people saying they had the same reaction, so it came out.

Several things I've done that you might not have done
more or less in chronological order:
  • Played bass guitar in a production of Godspell.
  • Left a drive-in showing of The Blue Lagoon because of a sandstorm. In Detroit.
  • Had a paying job gluing googly eyes on small copper nuggets.
  • Slept out for Grateful Dead tickets before I had ever seen the Grateful Dead.
  • Got credit in a psychology class for learning to draw.
  • Have a letter written to me by Jacques Derrida.
  • Met Jon Singer in an Afro-Cuban drumming class.
  • Was pull-quoted without my permission in a major newspaper, supposedly anonymously but identified in such a way that anyone with any knowledge of my work situation knew it was me.
  • Watched a usability test for a computer manual, in which the user held the mouse upside down for 20 minutes. (We rewrote the manual.)
  • Was swimming in a pool during the 6.9 Loma Prieta earthquake, whose epicenter was 25 miles away.
  • Got my name in the HyperCard 'About' box.
  • At the age of 40, went to England to meet my teenage rock star crush and got a hug and smooch from him.
  • For several years, have maintained a fat friendly health professionals list on the web.

Alternate version via nellorat:
Eleven unusual things I've done that at least one person on my friends' list may also have done
  1. Had to quit piano lessons because I got such a huge obsessive crush on my piano teacher that I couldn't bear for him to touch me (he touched my hands to show me how to hold them on the keys).
  2. Took six hours a day of tennis lessons for a whole summer and by the end was still pretty awful at it.
  3. Saw Tom Petty, Cheap Trick, and The Runaways on the same bill. With The Runaways headlining.
  4. DJ'd a punk rock/new wave radio show.
  5. Saw the Apple 1984 commercial during the 1984 Superbowl.
  6. Owned an original 128k mac in 1984.
  7. Went on a tropical vacation on the spur of the moment with a woman I had only met a couple of times (there was no romantic interest involved on either side).
  8. Taught shamanic journeying and healing techniques.
  9. Wrote a polyamory web page that appeared briefly on MTV.
  10. Helped 100s of cats and dogs find new homes.
  11. Attended an Esalen benefit lecture by John Cleese.

Elaborations on request, and do comment if you have done any of these.
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