Stef (firecat) wrote,

A sreevay

Seen various places, viciously trimmed.

the scar you're most proud of - I'm not proud of them. Why should I be?

your preferred method of cooking - Lazy.
what shoes you're wearing - Birkenstock sandals.
the first person you french kissed - My one and only high school boyfriend.
your preferred breed of dog - Pit Bull, although there are one or two dozen other breeds I really like.
what colour underwear you're wearing - Purple
where your keys are right now - On my box drum
if you have split ends - No, but when my hair gets long, I do.
when you last got laid - A few weeks ago
your opinion on airline food - It's better than going hungry.
what cosmetic surgery you would consider - Sometimes I think about getting some facial moles removed.
best kiddie playground equipment to have sex on - Seesaw?
your worst malady - Mood disorder
if you can sing well - If I practiced, I could.
what your olympic event would be - Sumo wrestling
someone you admire - My dad
which country would be hardest for you to locate on a map - Assuming the map didn't have labels - most of the ones on the African continent, most of the small non-European ones on the Asian continent, island nations.
the last time you cried - Yesterday, in the movies.
your most interesting sexual congress location - Graveyard
part of the Sunday papers you read first - I don't read the Sunday papers.
the languages you speak - English (and a small bit of French, German, and Japanese)
the religion you were raised in - Presbyterian
if you can draw well - If I put my mind to it and have a model in front of me, but not off the cuff or from images in my head.
what you should be doing instead of this - Anything
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