Stef (firecat) wrote,

Behind on my journal again

Thursday 06/28
Watched some cochlear implant videos. B seems to be more or less planning to proceed with it. I am hopeful it will improve things. It's going to be a long process.
Watched Dave w/ Oc and B. It is kind of funny to watch movies age. Which parts seem to age and which don't.
I heard all sorts of weird sounds from outside -- "scraack" sounds and "guinea pig whooping" sounds. I went out to look with a flashlight and saw two raccoons in the oak tree next door. One of them went into a hole in the oak tree and the other one stood there watching me with eyes that glowed green from my flashlight.

Friday 06/29
Seem to have mostly worked my way out of my foul mood. Still looking at my to do list and going AAAUGH.
I got a new haircut. It's too short in back. I want some buzzed neck showing but not this much.
All the time I was with N today I was thinking "I have to quit some of my net stuff." Drop my mailing lists, drop all the fat acceptance stuff for the moment. Drop anything that's making more than a minimal effort toward helping a person I don't know. That sounds kind of harsh, but those are less important in my life than my sweeties/friends/family, and something has to go. I need more time to read *good* stuff and time to do creative stuff.
(Anyone who has read this journal more than a couple of times is going 'yeah, I've heard it all before'.)

Saturday 06/29
Exhausted most of the morning/afternoon. Late afternoon, went to Ruth Anne's party and I felt welcomed and (*gasp*) almost extroverted.
At the party, a certain person I have a bit of a crush on was welcoming and snuggly to me. *crushcrush*
OH and I picked up our friend S, who was visiting from south of here, and took her to the White Lotus, a Vietnamese Japanese restaurant in San Jose. My favorite dish there is the stuffed tofu. After that we went back to the party for a bit. Other newsgroup folks there: Brian, rosefox, Angi.

Sunday 07/01
S was here until mid-afternoon. We did Very Little -- hung around and talked about various things, watched Wallace & Gromit's The Wrong Trousers.
Went to library and got more books on tape.

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