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Benefits of volunteering

A PHS volunteer wrote a good article in Cat Fancy magazine about the many ways a person can help out at an animal shelter (some of the ideas are relevant to volunteering at other non-profit groups as well). I especially liked her list of the personal benefits of volunteering.

  1. Ease back into the workplace if you've been out of work.
  2. Experience a sense of value and constructive ways to fill free time.
  3. Update your resume with experience that employers want.
  4. Meet people with interests similar to your own.
  5. Enjoy the special unspoken status associated with shelter volunteers. It takes extraordinary people to donate their time and talents for animals.
  6. Meet new people in a less intimidating social situation - the primary focus is on the animals.
  7. If you schedule a family project around a shelter event, you can enjoy quality family time.
  8. Great for singles or transfers new to an area.
  9. Being part of a helping process is a rewarding experience.
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