Stef (firecat) wrote,

haiku earring challenge

On Friday I went to wild_irises's and elisem's jewelry party. Many fine folks were in attendance.

Elise has great earrings available for the traditional Haiku Earring Challenge. I chose a pair that had a long bead and a round bead, which put together looked like an exclamation point, and an @ bead underneath. She warned me that she was going to give me a silly title for them. A silly title deserves a silly haiku. The haiku has to be read aloud.

The Secret Life of the *
Click to blow your mind:

Key to pronounciation:
* = asterisk
! = bang
@ = at
. = dot

Now, what I didn't realize when I wrote the haiku is that "" is owned by The International Library of Poetry, the vanity publishers who for years have run a "free poetry contest." You can now submit your poem on their web site and order the book in which it will be printed. You can also search for poets online and order poems on laminated wallet cards, mouse pads, and so forth.

Sounds like jusst the sort of secret life an * would get up to.
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