Stef (firecat) wrote,

kitty see kitty do

Biscuit and Angus are now able to hang out in the same room without squabbling, as long as they don't spend much time interacting.

This afternoon Biscuit was, as usual, lying on her fleece pad in front of the window. Angus thought about joining her (he had done so briefly in the morning, without incident), but decided against it, and he jumped onto a back-recliner chair I have in my study, which had a pile of clean laundry on it waiting to be sorted.

My previous cat companion, Selkie, used to love lying in the recliner, but Biscuit never showed any interest in it.

Angus happily kneaded and rooted around in the laundry, while Biscuit watched him, and I swore that she was thinking enviously, "HEY. Why didn't I ever think of making a nest out of a pile of clean laundry?"

Angus slept in the laundry most of the afternoon. Biscuit periodically eyed him, and once went over to the chair, put her paws on the footrest, and reached out a paw to Angus. But she decided not to jump onto the chair.

Sure enough, no sooner had I left the room for a few minutes than I saw Angus walking around in the hall and Biscuit proudly sitting in the pile of laundry. She came out later but made sure to run back and grab the spot before Angus came back into the room, and now that Angus is upstairs (we're still keeping them separated at night) she's been sleeping in the laundry all evening.
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