Stef (firecat) wrote,

[SF Bay Area] Closed caption movie on the big screen

Here's an opportunity to support services for deaf and hard of hearing / hearing impaired people.

The local (SF Bay Peninsula) chapter of SHHH - self-help for hard of hearing people, - has arranged with the Redwood City Century Theaters for four closed-caption showings of The Interpreter. They will take place today (5/24/05) and Wednesday (5/25/05) at 4:20 and 7:25 pm. The 4:20 pm show is a matinee.

The more people who show up, the more likely the theater will be willing to arrange for more closed-caption movie showings.

Even though I don't consider myself hearing-impaired generally, I actually prefer captions for most movies, at least the first time I watch them. The sound mix of many movies seems to swallow up some of the dialogue. If the actors have accents that I'm not used to hearing, I have even more trouble understanding them.
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