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A better list of suggested interests

Earlier in the month I posted the results of a "suggested interests" tool and explained why the interests it mentioned were already on my list. Today via slfisher I came across a new suggested interests tool that produced a better list of suggested interests, and also showed more of its work.

[My unusual] Interests Processed: harner shamanism, peets, alternative press expo, unintentional communities, how things are made, cat goddesses, wind energy, aiee, rec.arts.sf.composition, bhms, artisanal cheeses, depression warriors, romantic friendship, cpap, wireworking, andy scott, a fetish for nuance, cameo glass, collecting other people's hobbies, what makes people tick, ambivert, john le carré, piano preludes, affective disorders, the bechdel ginger benchmark, personality typing, mutual degrumplement, amplectere potestem "et", time's arrow

# Interest Score
1 rasfc 18
This was on the other list. I have rec.arts.sf.composition on my list.
2 usenet 18
This was also on the other list. I only read a few Usenet groups right now, but I suppose I could add that - I even used to follow news.groups.
3 myers-briggs 15
I have "personality typing" instead, because I'm interested in systems other than myers-briggs too. (And LJ only lets you have 150 interests still, I think. Why doesn't the permanent account come with more interests, instead of more icons?)
4 solar energy 15
Yes, I'm interested in that along with "wind energy," but I don't know anything about solar energy, and I think wind turbines are really cool looking.
5 rasff 14
6 rec.arts.sf.fandom 11

I know and like a bunch of people who read rasff, but I don't read it. My internet addiction is bad enough already, thank you, and it's terribly high-volume.
7 sleep apnea 10
Good catch. I thought I already had that in my list.
8 elisem's jewelry 9
I certainly enjoy following her art log and I have a few pieces of hers.
9 infp 9
I'm an intx and infp's kind of drive me crazy...
10 boiled in lead 9
I saw them once. They're OK.
11 science fiction fandom 9
It's one of those things that a lot of my friends are interested in, and me not so much (except for Wiscon).
12 enneagram 9
Covered by "personality typing." (The Enneagram says I am a 5 or 6, for those following along.)
13 bright shiny objects 9
[*grin*] Yeah - but "beading" and "little glass cats" sort of sum that up.
14 fat acceptance 9
I have "fat activism", and if I were going to put another related interest in there I might put "size acceptance."
15 jane siberry 9
I like her but not enough to list her as a specific interest.
16 rasfw 9
Another fandom newsgroup I don't read because of my internet addiction.
17 bookbinding 8
I like hearing kyubi talk about it...
18 p.g. wodehouse 8
19 self-sufficiency 8
Kind of, but I mostly think I need to work more on interdependency.
20 lord peter wimsey 8
Yeah, but I'd put dorothy l. sayers instead.

Here's the Official Code so you can do it yourself:

Based on the lj interests lists of those who share my more unusual interests, the interests suggestion meme thinks I might be interested in
1. rasfc score: 18
2. usenet score: 18
3. myers-briggs score: 15
4. solar energy score: 15
5. rasff score: 14
6. rec.arts.sf.fandom score: 11
7. sleep apnea score: 10
8. elisem's jewelry score: 9
9. infp score: 9
10. boiled in lead score: 9
11. science fiction fandom score: 9
12. enneagram score: 9
13. bright shiny objects score: 9
14. fat acceptance score: 9
15. jane siberry score: 9
16. rasfw score: 9
17. bookbinding score: 8
18. p.g. wodehouse score: 8
19. self-sufficiency score: 8
20. lord peter wimsey score: 8

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