Stef (firecat) wrote,

Howl's Moving Castle

I saw it with kyubi. The Shattuck in Berkeley is showing it in one theater in Japanese with English subtitles and in another theater with captions dubbed in English. We saw it with subtitles.

I love Miyazaki/Studio Ghibli movies for their imagery and their emotional breadth, and this didn't disappoint. I also love them for their strong plots with pro-environmental (for lack of a better description) elements. In this case, however, I thought the plot was a little muddled and many of the characters' motivations unclear. But that didn't bother me very much; I'd happily watch it a few dozen times more just for the nifty imagery.

They showed a preview for Neil Gaiman's and David McKean's MirrorMask. Sheesh, that looks weird. I love Neil Gaiman and can only tolerate David McKean in pretty small doses, but I'll probably go see it anyway.
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