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Via sistercoyote, for serenejournal

1. How many times have you moved from one city/town/state/country to another? What was your best/happiest/easiest move?
11 times, which doesn't count times I moved within the same town. Happy and easy aren't what I associate moving with, but I guess that the Montreal->San Francisco move was the most fun, because I had movers to take my stuff and a moving allowance and I took my time driving cross-country with my boyfriend and I was going to SAN FRANCISCO!

2. Tell about someone who makes you think the world is a good place.
secretrapture made me think the world was a good place yesterday, by posting this.

3. Name three things about you that are attractive to you about [some] other people.
intelligent, fat, lazy (fsvo)

4. What does the word "feminist" mean to you?
Someone who believes that women and girls are systematically oppressed and wants to change the system so that is no longer true. Also: Someone who believes that the system's gender role requirements are rigid in ways that harm people of all sexes and wants to change that. Also: Someone who believes people of different genders are far more similar/overlapping than different and wants society to stop exaggerating the differences. (However, that's not a tenet that every feminist supports.)

5. What is your most-recently-visited non-LJ URL today?
virgin mobile usa

6. What did you eat for dinner last night?
A tuna melt, fries, and a diet coke with lemon

7. Tell us a joke.
Q: How do you know that you're driving behind a Delorean car on the freeway?
A: The white line disappears.

8. You have ten minutes to make a mix tape of ten songs. Don't take more than ten minutes. Make your desert-island mix tape; ten songs you think you could listen to over and over and over.
Devoiko, Mari, Khubava: Kitka
Put Your Lights On: Santana
Serenade for Winds, K. 361; 3rd movement: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Attics of my Life: Grateful Dead
To Cry You A Song: Jethro Tull
II c-moll: Johann Sebastian Bach, Das Wohltemperierte Klavier
The Last Time I Saw Richard: Joni Mitchell
Shaman's Call: R. Carlos Nakai
Maqsoum: Fat Chance Belly Dance & Helm

9. What's your first memory involving siblings? If you don't have siblings, what's your first memory involving either cousins or childhood friends?
Playing with a blackboard in my basement with some friends from across the street.

10. Given four hours alone in your house, what are you likely to do?
Read the 'net, read a book, take a bath, knit
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