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Of potential interest to readers of here is a letter I sent them about an article in their latest issue.

Subject: We're here, but no one seems to get used to us

My straight white male partner and I lay in bed one night recently and he told me that the latest issue of Bitch (Truth & Consequences) had an article about sexual identity revisionist history ("We Were Here, We Were Maybe Queer" by Laura Nathan), and he made me guess what word didn't appear even once in the article.

I got it in one.

It's too bad that an article which on the surface appears to usefully question rigid labeling of sexual activities and identities (for example, "What's problematic about the outing of Nixon is the hetero/homo binary the media relied on to report the story...obscuring the complex nature of sexual orientation and desire and leaving no room to transform the language we use to discuss sexuality") can't bring itself to use the 'b' word even once. (And no, I don't mean "bitch".)

Maybe in another 60 years we'll be talking about sex and sexuality in a way that is apparently still unthinkable to some of us now.

"Waltz in B minor, Op. 69 No. 2 (Posth.)" - Artur Rubinstein - Chopin: The Waltzes (Chopin Collection disc 9)
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