Stef (firecat) wrote,

info/research request - fat + poly positive groups

I'm running a Q&A entitled "Fat Positive and Poly Without Drama" at the NAAFA convention next week (August 10-14, near the SF airport).

One of the questions I promised to cover was "how to meet fat-positive poly people", and to that end I've been looking for mailing lists and LiveJournal communities for fat + poly people.

I've only found one (polypaganbbw, a yahoo group) - well, I found another one on Yahoo called bbw_polyamory, but you seem to have to be a member of the group to even look at the group's info page. The only LJ community I found that was even remotely associated was alternacurves, but that seems more associated with the alternative music scene than the alternative [*kof*] lifestyle scene. I've found fat + sex groups but that's not really what I'm looking for.

Of course I know that there are many fat-positive people in the poly communities at large, as well as many poly-positive people in the fat communities. So of course fat + poly groups aren't the only way to meet fat + poly-positive people.

But if you know of any such groups I'd be really grateful to hear about them!
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