Stef (firecat) wrote,

(SF Bay Area interest only) ** insert swear words here **

OK, I know that there are tragedies much greater than this happening elsewhere in the world right now. But dammit — Kepler's is dead! They went out of business this morning.

They were a great, big, comfortable independent bookstore. They were right near the Menlo Park train station, there was plenty of parking, there was a good cafe next door (which is still there, but who knows for how long with the bookstore dead), and I loved going there with friends. I saw great authors read there: Ursula K. Le Guin, Jeffrey Eugenides, Diane Ackerman. I was looking forward to seeing Neil Gaiman read from Anansi Boys there in a month. They had online ordering and free local delivery. Their employees wrote mini-reviews of their favorite books and stuck them to the bookshelves. They had a very complete magazine department, too., an association of independent bookstores, tells me that the next closest general interest independent bookstore (affiliated with is Books Inc. in Burlingame. But it's a chain with 10 locations, so not really the same thing.

There are still lots of great bookstores in the SF Bay Area. But - WAAH. IT'S NOT FAIR. [*stomps*]
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