Stef (firecat) wrote,

My $1.25 per pound yarn

Newton's Yarn Country is letting go of their yarn overstock at $1.25 per pound, which is basically just the price of shipping. 20 pound minimum. My yarn arrived.

Left to right from top:

Single ply off-white nubby cotton yarn, approx. worsted weight. It has flecks of pastel yarns in it. The sticker says 745 yards - I assume that means per pound.

Cherry and black strands lightly twisted together. Fingering weight. The sticker says: "McBess Industries Acrylic So Lara 2/24."

Variegated gold/pink/light green with fuzzy white chunks on it. Sticker says "Astrodye 60% cotton 40% poly 3000 yards." No size on it, but it's one twisted strand about the same thickness as the yarn labeled 2/24.

Pink, 2 plies that vary slightly in thickness. Sticker says "7/2 Acrylic Pink 4997." This is about fingering weight as well.

Soft medium-saturation blue. Sticker says "Italy PTA 20336 BE A76882 Col 8 Avio 2/28 Flanella" Ultra-fine weight, I guess.

Off-white, 2 ply, fine weight. This cone doesn't have any identifying stickers on it. It feels like cotton or cotton rayon.

Rust. Sticker says "Templon 2/8 100% wool Bittersweet S-07378". Sport weight.

More white, 1 ply, even finer than the blue. Feels like cotton or cotton rayon. Sticker says "Cescion 2 ASPase 2 C 20 LB Section #3 5C SPA 30 lbs"

Sage green. Feels like wool. Sticker says "PDW size 2.8 KEL.5370 FF.ANP orange J60 2/8 9/2 H[3 unreadable characters]SM K92.88"

I'm not used to the machine knitting yarn sizing system, but I found this page that seems to explain it.

If you see something you want, I'm open to swap suggestions.
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