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What Stef is up to

Here's some stuff I've been doing over the last little while:

Watched Her Majesty, Mrs. Brown. Judi Dench rules.

Went to San Mateo County Fair. I have never been to a County Fair before. Pretty much as I expected, and yet not... Fucking AMAZING quilts.

Saw Hedwig and the Angry Inch. Great music. I didn't know punk was still alive...and now married to glam/genderf*ck.

Signed up for a lampworking class at Public Glass and spent several hours thoroughly mining the Sundance web site.

Went to a Big Moves drumming and dancing retreat in Santa Rosa. It was ~100 mile drive and I was feeling really whiny about it but I dragged myself and I am really glad I went. The group of women was really fun, and Joyce and I drummed well, and the dancing was hot!.

Spending an hour a day with Silver, the scaredy cat I am fostering. Don't you want to adopt her?

Read Lord of Light by Zelazny because Neil Gaiman recommended it. It's good, but not nearly on Gaiman's caliber, so it's interesting that it's one of his favorites. I read a lot of it out loud, which I started because I wanted Silver to get used to my voice, and then I felt like doing most of it that way. I am not very good at reading out loud.

Trying a lot of things right now that I'm not very good at.

Felt alternately depressed and excited about turning 40.

Yank. Yank. The puppet
Jerks this way and that
Invisible puppeteer
Finally updated the Adoptable Cat site.
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