Stef (firecat) wrote,

hobbitbabe posted this link. No doubt many of you have seen it before, since it's from last summer. But I hadn't. I like it.

Knitting is sexy. Well, admittedly, I don't consider the actual process of knitting a great turn-on. A person seated, holding two sticks and making the occasional monster face at a lump of yarn doesn't really make me hot and bothered. And the finished product, gorgeous as it may be, isn't all that steamy either. It's what the woman (or man) does with the finished product that's sexy. She holds it up against her. She shows her friends. She puts on a tee-shirt, if it's wool, and tries it on, or if it's something softer, it goes right against her skin. It fits her body. And if she's a new knitter, or if she likes a baggier style, it doesn't fit her body, but her shape is still suggested, just under the stitches that her fingers made. She's proud of it. She shows it off. She loves who she is inside it.
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