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A political candidate worth supporting

Dot Nelson-Turnier, a founder of NOLOSE, is running for Texas State Representative. Check out her campaign web site at

Dear Friends:
Most of you know me as the founder of NOLOSE. I hope you are well.

I moved from New Jersey to Texas in October of 2003. Many people asked me "Why?" It is because I love Texas and with my disability the warm weather has been terrific. But as you know the politics down here are a bit, well, conservative.

The State Legislature just proposed and got approved an amendment to the Texas constitution (which is difficult to overturn) prohibiting gay marriage despite the fact the there are laws on the books making gay marriage illegal. In the course of my everyday political volunteering I found out that I was living in the District of a Republican State Representative that Co-Authored that bill and that she had run UNOPPOSED in 2004.

Well, nothing could tempt me more than an unopposed Republican in my district so I felt it was time I stopped talking the talk (saying that no Republican should run unopposed) and walk the walk.

So, I am running for Texas State Representative against Debbie Riddle, District 150 in 2006. If you think she is not a threat to us all, check out this web like and remember George Bush, Rove, Cheney, and Gonzales all started in Texas too.

Now you may be thinking "What does this have to do with me all the way in ______?"

I think that anytime an openly gay candidate (and disabled and fat to boot) runs against a right wing conservative candidate, especially in the thick of Bible Country, it is a fight on behalf of the entire GLBT community. Now, I am not just saying this because I am the one running. I remember when Barney Frank was a Massachusetts State Representative and shaking things up.

Now the tough part is that I need to raise some "seed" money to get my campaign going. I also know that notoriously, the communities that are most likely to support me have the least income. If I could get an average of $ 20 from each person I solicit I could meet my financial goal of $ 10,000 in seed money. I am able to take installment payments on donations as well. If you go to my web site at there is the ability to send a payment by credit card or echeck or to send a payment by mail. I would appreciate any support you can give.

Please consider giving to my campaign as I feel that this campaign could have a national impact..

Feel free to forward this email to any of your friends.

Whether you are able to give or not, please send me good energy.

Best Wishes,
Dot Nelson-Turnier/


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