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Which is longer: your big toe or your 2nd toe?: Big toe

What brand of toilet paper do you use?: Charmin Ultra

Which do you prefer: Target, Kmart or Walmart?: I like Target, but last I checked, they had a policy about Plan B emergency contraceptive that I'm not OK with, so I'm not shopping there now. There's a K-Mart near here but I haven't ever shopped at it; since they have a better policy about Plan B, maybe I oughta start. I won't shop at Walmart.

On which color chair are you sitting?: Blue and black

My Little Ponies or Care Bears?: Gummi bears

Crayola or Roseart?: What's Roseart?

Go in your room, turn left and keep walking: Can't, there's a bookcase and dresser in the way.

How many scarves do you own?: Too many to count. I purchased some, and crocheted/knitted some, and some folks gave me some, including my mom who gave me many lovely silk ones when she was cleaning out her closet a while back. I resisted for about 15 minutes and then my inner fabric whore took over. I don't wear any of them very often.

What was the last picture you took of?: Probably something silly the cats were doing. It's been a while.

What's your computer desktop look like?: It's light gray because that's the way the publishers want it for screen shots and I never got around to changing it after taking sample screen shots.

What color is your bathroom?: White with purple rugs, brown cabinetry and windowsill, and a green-brown hemp shower curtain that doesn't go with the purple throw rugs.

How many rooms are in your house?: 9, including the 2 bathrooms but not including the 2 walk-in closets

What was the last thing you smiled at?: My cat Angus, who came up and batted at me to get out of my chair and play with him already

What was the last thing that confused the hell out of you?: Some bit of the book I'm writing

Whats the last movie that you watched? Either Fantastic Four (not so great) or Breakfast on Pluto (quite good), can't remember.

Which Beatle are you? (Paul, John, George, or Ringo): I'm not a Beatle.

What kind of laundry detergent do you use?: Natural Value

What color is your front door?: Brown wood with green, yellow, and red stained glass panels

When you give presents, do you wrap them in a gift bag or wrapping paper?: Wrapping paper. I have a gigantic roll of thick purple paper (really, it's about 4 feet wide and the roll is 6 inches across) that will probably last the rest of my life.

Crayons or Markers?: Markers

Would you rather prance or hop?: No

Starbucks or Caribou Coffee?: I've never had Caribou, and I won't shop at Starbucks unless my need is dire, so I'll say Peets.

If you have a cell phone, what color is it?: Silver

Have you ever changed a light bulb?: That's not funny!

Can you make an omelette?: Yep, a really good one.

What is the most boring dream you've ever had?: ....

If you wrote a song, what would you call it?: The last one I wrote was called "Degrees of Separation"

Blue, black or red pen?: Don't care, unless I'm signing official documents, in which case not red.

What teacher do you want to punch in the face? None

Did The Notebook make you cry?: Whazzat?

Where did you get the pants you are wearing?: Making It Big

If you were a magnet what would you look like?: A fat mermaid.

If you were a mix tape, what would the first song be?: I'll let my iTunes folder decide: "Silent Ways," by Michelle Shocked

What's the most boring color?: White

Have you ever wanted to go cow tipping?: No, and it baffles me that anyone does.

Which one do you like more: Waynes World 1 or 2?: Haven't watched 'em.

Have you ever gotten into an intense argument with an inanimate object?: I've been getting into arguments with Microsoft Word quite regularly lately, at least if shrieks of "Fuck you" as it randomly crashes for the 500th time in an hour count.
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