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I have one of those annoying mild cold / sinus infection things. Have you noticed that the day before you get a cold you are full of energy? That's how it works for me. The day before the cold, I actually started writing a story, and I almost finished the wirework bracelet that had been sitting in pieces for months and months, and I had a really good soak-n-talk with N at Osento and I also had a good talk with OH. Then next morning I woke up with a sore throat.

Silver went ballist ic for about 24 hours. I was inconsolable because I knew if she stayed like that she'd be unadoptable and I'd have to put her down. But finally she remembered that it was OK to be touched and petted after I brushed her with the toilet brush (I know, gross, but the only thing I could find with a handle long enough that she couldn't bite me while I was using it).

I helped at the photography booth at the animal shelter's "Mutt Strutt." We made ~$250. I saw a demo by The Bay Team for Dog Agility.

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