Stef (firecat) wrote,

Which fat-activism-and-fun conference should I go to this summer?

Here are the choices and my pros-and-cons lists:

June 23-25, 2006
ASDAH (Association for Size Diversity and Health) conference for Health at Every Size professionals and lay advocates.
Case Western Reserve University
Near Cleveland, Ohio
PROS: small; serious; they're doing really important work
CONS: too soon to travel after wiscon, hard to get to, maybe too focused on one thing for what I want, don't know how many actually fat people will be there as opposed to allies (this matters to me - it's healing to me to be around a lot of other fat people), unclear whether meeting venue is air conditioned

July 25 - July 30th, 2006
BBWnetwork 10th Anniversary Vegas MEGA Bash 2006
Stardust Hotel and Casino
Las Vegas
PROS: easy to get to; have friends in the area
CONS: looks more social and less activist than is ideal for me; unfamiliar with organization; unclear how queer-friendly

Sept. 1-3, 2006
menla retreat center in the catskills
PROS: nolose has the whole retreat center to itself; activism + social; queer, like organization
CONS: really hard to get to (flight AND bus ride), unclear whether rooms are air-conditioned; possibly too "hip" for me
NOT SURE WHETHER PRO OR CON: women only (I love being in women-only spaces, but I have issues around mixed-gender spaces that I might be able to work on at a different conference)

summer 2006
NAAFA conference
somewhere on the east coast
PROS: went to one and liked it, has people of my age and "hipness level", I like the organization, activism + social, queer-friendly
CONS: hard to get to, don't know when and where it is

Thoughts? Are you planning to go to any of these conferences? Have you been to any of them in the past?

(Don't cop out and tell me to go to all of them! I hate traveling too much.)
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