Stef (firecat) wrote,


chickenwitch sent me a care package:

  • a hello kitty pez dispenser
  • a flat purple pen
  • a homemade hello kitty jigsaw puzzle in a hello kitty heart envelope (it had writing on both sides and fell apart when I turned it over, so I got to put it together twice)
  • a note folded into a paper airplane
  • "plumping" lip moisturizer
  • a funny tidy cats ad ("what you see": a room full of 15 cats playing with your yarn, chinese checkers, goldfish bowl, and tchochkes. "what you smell": an empty room)

It was especially thoughtful and beyond the call of duty because she'd already sent a package but it apparently got lost in the mail, so she sent another one.

Also, there's a single perfect yellow rose outside my window.

And along with the care package, the mail carrier delivered my boxed set of "Two Fat Ladies" videos.

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