Stef (firecat) wrote,

fat language geeking

[slightly different version posted to fatshionista]

In a post on fatshionista, I asked folks where they draw the line between "regular" and "very" big for the purpose of clothes-buying, and a lot of folks expressed distaste for the term "supersize."

The history behind the term, as far as I know, is this - it came into being before fast food places started calling their offerings "supersize," and it was a way of saying "very big" that was meant to be positive because of the positive connotations of the word "super".

Anyway, I'd love suggestions for what other words to use to describe clothes that are big enough for people who can't shop for clothes at malls and regular department stores and regular clothing catalogs because those clothes are too small.

The reason I care is (a) I want to know what to call the sizes of clothing that are big enough for us on my clothing resource page, and (b) I'm a language geek.
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