Stef (firecat) wrote,

at home with the movies

The OH and I saw Kissing Jessica Stein this evening. He thought it was OK, and I decided that there should be a new corollary to the Bechdel Test:

Movies about people who have romantic/sexual relationships with people of multiple sexes must use the B-word at least once.

The Q-word would also be fine...or really, any word or set of words that shows the slightest hint of acknowledging that bisexuality can be a lasting sexual identity and not a period of confusion or experimentation because you had a string of lousy luck with the gender you've been dating up until now.

KJS passes the Bechdel Test (a movie must have (a) two women who (b) talk to each other (c) about something other than a man) but fails the B-Word Corollary, to my great irritation.

A cute moment: After one scene, the OH paused the movie because I was looking puzzled. He asked what I was thinking about and I said, "I'm trying to remember if we've ever interrupted our reading to have sex." He said, "Why would we?!?!"
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