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New clooooothes

xposted to fatshionista

Thanks to zpdiduda's tip I headed over to eBay and bought this Holy Clothing top while it was on sale.

Here are my attempts to take a photograph of it on me. (Also! some bonus silly photos that I didn't post to fatshionista.)

I was trying to capture here how the front of the top comes to a little point (on the mannequin it doesn't look like it does), but there wasn't enough room in the bathroom.

Some people have said their sizing chart is wrong, but this top fits me pretty much the way I would expect it to based on their sizing chart.

This photo makes me laugh because I know I have this look on my face all the time, but I'm usually not aware of it at the time. Also it's kind of like "Femmy goth top fails to override geekybutch body language."

This photo looked too goofy for me to put in fatshionista but I'm amused by it so all you folks who read my journal can see it.
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