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No, not a Toyota car. Yet Another Random iTunes Survey.

via keryx (the one at her site comes from a survey-filling-out site, so if you want to have the html generated for you, go click the link there).

Random Song Survey of Musicalness!!! Yay!!!
If you have an ipod/mp3 player,put it on shuffle.(Or name 15 random songs.)

1st song: Fantasia in C minor, Op 80, Beethoven, performed by Beaux Arts Trio

2nd song: Ezekiel Saw the Wheel, performed by Alberta Hunter

3rd song: Lovin' Fool, Rory Block

4th song: Almost Blue, composed by Elvis Costello, performed by Gwen Stefani

5th song: How Long Has This Been Going On, performed by Ella Fitzgerald

6th song: Last Night When We Were Young, composed by Harold Arlen, performed by Eileen Farrell

7th song: Into The Night, Sweet

8th song: Pulling Mussels (From the Shell), Squeeze

9th song: Suites I No. 8 HWV 433 in F minor, composed by Handel, performed by Keith Jarrett

10th song: Os iusti - Gradual (Modo I), performed by Benedictine Monks of Santo Domingo de Silos

11th song: Politician, Cream

12th song: Never Weather Beaten Saile, Ruth Barrett & Cyntia Smith

13th song: Flying Home, Ella Fitzgerald

14th song: The Balloon Song, composed by Mike Williams, performed by Jim Stevens

15th song: You're Ok, k.d. lang

Why do you like the 1st song?
It's lyrical. Also, listening to classical music helps me concentrate, for some reason.

Who does the 2nd song remind you of?
Michael (my roommate in the mid-80s), I guess. I can't remember whether he introduced me to Alberta Hunter, though.

Name your favorite lyric from the 3rd song.
i can't decide to keep you or cast you aside / you're more trouble than you're worth still you're the salt of the earth

Do you have any special memories attached to the 4th song?
Not really. It came on a CD that I got free with a piece of software, and I haven't listened to it very much.

Do you relate personally to the 5th song?
Not really. Interestingly enough, this recording of it skips the first verse, which refers to prostitution.

Does/would your grandmother like the 6th song?
My paternal grandmother wouldn't; she hated jazz (she only liked classical music). I don't know about my maternal grandmother.

What did you think when you first heard the 7th song?
"Gosh, this has dumb lyrics" (e.g., "I'm in a sea floating on one knee" - wtf?) and "Gosh, this has GREAT drumming."

What color does the 8th song remind you of?
Military gray-blue. No, I don't know why.

What is the 9th song about?
Sorrow, but with hope, beauty, and harmony mixed in and gradually mostly overcoming the sorrow

Does the 10th song get stuck in your head easily?
It's hard for Gregorian Chant to get stuck in my head, except in a general sort of undulating lalala way.

Could you play the 11th song for a toddler and not feel guilty?
I can totally see a toddler loving the rhythm of this song and begging for it to be played 1000 times in succession. So if it weren't MY toddler I was playing it for, I might feel pretty guilty on behalf of the parents' irritation if that happened.

Is the singer of the 12th song hot?
This song is actually an instrumental. On the cover of the album this piece is on the singers are trying a little too hard, IMO, to be sultry in a 'tee hee, we might let you watch' girl-on-girl RenFaire-ish way. But they might well appeal to people less picky that way than I am. Other pix on the site are cuter.

What part of your life does the 13th song describe best?
I don't know if a solid 2 minutes and 30 seconds of scat describes any part of my life...

Does the 14th song have a cool video?
I don't know, but this is a self-produced album by someone who lives in my town, so it's kind of unlikely. OTOH, it's a cover, so maybe there's a cool video of someone else performing it. It's a Pete-Seegerish folk tune, so it doesn't really lend itself to a video full of bikini'd babes and bling, though.

How old is the 15th song?
The iTunes info for it says the CD was made in 1995.

Which of these is your favorite?
#7, "Into the Night" for nostalgia value. #1, Beethoven for quality. #2, Alberta Hunter for sheer joyfulness.

Your least favorite?
#10, The Gregorian chant. I went ahead and ripped the CD, which I had for a long time but don't remember where or why I got it. But I don't really like it much at all.

Have any of these made you cry? Which ones? (Be honest. It's ok, trust me.)
Not that I recall. #7, The Sweet song possibly.

Which is the most personal for you?
#7, The Sweet song.

Bonus note:
The "randomness" of my iTunes is pretty unrandom. While I was doing this survey it seemed to be mostly about the jazz and folk parts of my collection, but the rock and classical parts are much larger.
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