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zen and the art of swatching

A while back I took advantage of the Newton's Yarn Country "20 pounds for $25" overstock sale. Lately I've been swatching some of the yarns I got from them and other sources.

Most of the swatches aren't perfectly square because I tried different needle sizes and stitches.

The swatches

Wool / rayon, very stretchy, 26 st/32 rows per 4" in stockinette on 5s.

Linen / rayon, 17st / 4" on 6s.

Yarn Country "Maine" wool / rayon / acrylic, 16 st / 24 rows = 4" on 8s. The photo came out very poorly. This stuff looks so luscious I want to eat it.

Mercerized cotton. Very flexible. DK weight. 22 st and 28 rows per 4" on 3s in garter. 18 st per 4 inches on 5s in 4x4 rib.

Cotton with rayon pastel nubs, 13 st/15 rows per 4" on 10.5s

Unknown fiber - feels like wool and doesn't felt so probably has some acrylic. Very soft and kind of fuzzy. 18 st/32 rows per 4" on 7s.
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