Stef (firecat) wrote,

committing jewelry

While I was in Inverness recently I got out my beading box for the first time since before last Xmas. I felt pretty out of practice with the pliers (and had forgotten to bring two pairs of chain nose pliers, which makes things a lot easier) but over the course of a day I got back into the swing of it and made a necklace and two pendants.

Here they are:

The necklace is made out of colored wire of various gauges and something called "Pineapple Quartz" which is no doubt really glass. It's milky with a very slight hint of yellow (you can't see the yellow on the blue background) and furnace glass. It also includes three lampworked beads that I got via elisem's Beads of the Month program. The beads were labeled "Mo Beads" or maybe it was "Moe Beads." Here are some not very good pix of them:

This pendant uses more of the colored wire and furnace glass, and a piece of abalone:

This pendant includes chips from three different strands - clear quartz, fluorite, and turquoise or howlite or jade, not sure which. It also includes a Green Girl Studios "octoball" made out of silver, also acquired from elisem. The chip hedgehog is attached to some silver chain I had lying around and I made the visible chain from silver coated copper wire. I am inordinately proud of this pendant.

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