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I feel like wasting time today

So here is a questionnaire
swiped from sashajwolf

piercings: 2 in left ear, 1 in right.
tattoos: none yet.
get along with parents: they are among my best friends and I feel tremendously lucky to have them living nearby and to be able to see them regularly and that we got past the years where we didn't approve of each other.
bedtime: natural bed time is around midnight-2am, but the OH likes me to go to bed earlier, so between 10pm and 2am.
who on LJ have you been friends with the longest: nimma.
what's on the wall of your room: Carey Moore and Carol Grigg prints, Sandman collages, a quilt calendar, framed cards of 3 big cats, framed collage of advertising slogans, various masks.
what's your biggest wish at the moment: that my 16 year old Siamese cat, Selkie, isn't seriously ill
what are you thinking right now: my SAD light is awfully bright.
what's the background on your computer: a photo of mountains from above the clouds.
if you could change one thing about your appearance, what would it be: I wish I had thick, dark eyebrows.
can you sing: Yes. My favorite thing to sing is Celtic ballads.

broken someone's heart: Probably, but I don't know for sure.
had your heart broken: Yes.
been in love: Yes.
cried when someone died: Yes.
wanted someone you knew you couldn't have: Yes.
broken a bone: Yes.
drank alcohol: Yes.
lied: Yes.

love at first sight: No, but it has happened to me.
god: Usually. I have a whole bunch of "takes" on this, and I haven't decided on one over the others.
kisses on the first date: If mutually desired, yes.
monsters: Human ones, yes.
horoscopes: No, but they are fun to play with.
aliens: I usually think it's likely there are other life forms in the universe.
ghosts: Not as such. I believe that I can talk to people who have died, but I have never had any of them visit me on their own or take a form that is accessible to my ordinary waking consciousness.
heaven: Not as such. I sometimes believe that after I die I will become a part of the universal all, and I think if there were any "myself" left to experience that, it would be a very nice experience, so that might be called Heaven, I suppose.
hell: I believe that Hell is something that happens to some of us, sometimes, for various reasons, while we are alive.

Coke or Pepsi: Don't drink the sugared stuff. Will drink any brand of non-sugared cola.
Sprite or 7up: Don't drink them. Will reluctantly drink non-sugared versions of either, with slight preference for 7up.
girls or guys: I'm embarrassed that I care, but I seem to have a general preference for girls.
flowers or candy: Usually flowers. Around my house, they last longer.
scruff or clean shaven: Scruff. I have a hair fetish -- the more, the better.
quiet or loud: Usually quiet, except when I am driving in the car and I'm mad and I'm listening to rock music.
pools or hottubs: Usually pools.
blondes or brunnettes: I tend to visually prefer dark hair / dark skin.
bitchy or slutty: Slutty.
tall or short: For kissing, short. For changing light bulbs, tall.
one pillow or two: One "tempur pedic" pillow for my head, one body pillow for the rest of me.
pants or shorts: Depends on the temperature outside.

showered: This morning.
have been to a party: Saturday afternoon.
had a great time with the opposite sex: I haven't had any "great" times lately at all.
have been to a dance: May 2001.

your good luck charm: Varies.
person you hate the most: Someone who doesn't deserve it, because all they've actually done is annoyed me.
your most embarrassing cd: Madonna's greatest hits.
the best thing that has happened today: My cat Selkie purred and ate some food.

color: Purple.
movie: 2001: A Space Odyssey or Wings of Desire.
juice: Fresh-squeezed orange.
place to go when you have nowhere else to go: My bed. If it has to be out of the house, the animal shelter I volunteer at, or Ocean Beach in San Francisco.
holiday: Vernal Equinox.
season: Late Spring. That's when there is enough daylight that I start feeling human again, but it's not hot yet.
breakfast food: Bacon.
place to go with your honey: The Cliff House on Ocean Beach in San Francisco. They serve a fabulous Sunday brunch.
place to go with your friends: Someone's living room, to talk.

sit by the phone waiting for a call: Not much any more.
save emails: Yes.
wish you were someone else: Occasionally.
wish you were a member of another sex: I think about it and then decide, "No, I don't really make a good woman, as far as conforming to standard notions of femininity is concerned, but I'd make a worse man."
want to look different: Yes: I wish that I could change every aspect of my appearance at will.
cry because of someone's mean words: Yes, but only my OH's. If other people say mean things I tend to go silent and cold-hearted, but not cry.
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