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Stuff I've been up to lately

My little pagan circle finally met (we haven't met since the spring). We talked about how distracted and isolated we all feel and at the end we did our best rendition yet of the "Meow Mix Song."

Went to the vampire'sphlebotomist's.

Took Selkie to see the vet. Fortunately Selkie just has a tummy bug, and her liver and kidney functions are very good for a cat her age. Dr. Petra prescribed baby food for her.

Called a relationship counselor. My sweeties who aren't getting along agreed to talk to her. :-)

Downloaded some stuff for my new Visor Neo.

Saw Ursula K. Le Guin read from her new book at Kepler's. Discovered she had written four other books while I wasn't looking. Also bought the audio tape version of Neil Gaiman's American Gods. My wallet is mad at me. Decided to get the book signed because I had one of the first 20 tickets.

Went to my OH's sweetie's birthday party. We only stayed half an hour because my OH was worried about being exposed to a virus before his cochlear implant evaluation. It was a half hour full of hugs.

Bid on a Kuan Yin statue on eBay's Auction for America.

Got a haircut.

At the animal shelter's "Second Chance Class," worked with a Jack Russell Terrier mix named Beau. It was very cute to see what happened when one of his kennel mates appeared -- a teeny weeny spaniel type thing. He repeatedly assumed a play bow and then leaped into the air -- and he did it all in a sort of slow motion.

Played with three gray tabby kittens. and a white cat who had yellow eyes.
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