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I hate having to be an activist

I received an email advertising my town's activities guide and I was
angered to discover an introductory message from the Parks and
Recreation Director labeled "Childhood Obesity - Problem & Solutions".

I send him an email as follows. If anyone is willing to provide me with
references to back up my points or to challenge his statements, I would
welcome them, in case he decides to respond to me. You could also reply
to the email message yourself, using the email address provided, but it
might not mean much if you don't live in San Carlos, California.

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The part where I hate being an activist is the part about how I now feel
like [insert all sorts of negative things here] because I sent that.
Even though I know it's needed. I don't know why I feel that way.


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Dec. 9th, 2006 01:30 am (UTC)
I like your letter. I also like the San Carlos program without the rhetoric sorta.

I agree it's important to focus on healthy eating and calorie intake and exercise, and not weight. I also feel that a lot of children aren't taught these things from their parents. Their parents don't model good eating behaviors. Some of these kids then go on to develop eating disorders which result in being fat or being bulemic or anoxeric. Others remain thin, but never learn how to exercise.

I think the thing that your letter and this program is missing is the idea that the modern American lifestyle is typically sedentary. We don't walk around and such like people used to. For example kids are typically driven to school instead of walking or biking. Today people need to consciously find exercise that works for them over the long haul. That means adapting the exercise to the kid, fat, thin or whatever condition they're in. As someone with a physical disability that prevented me from participating successfully in most sports, no one ever worked with me to find exercise I could actually do consistently. I'm still working on this problem.
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