Stef (firecat) wrote,

looking for a book

A few years ago, in 2002 probably, I was in a bookstore and picked up a book about grieving and began skimming it. One of the subjects of the book was the guilt associated with grieving. It framed the guilt in a way I found helpful. The guilt, it said, is really a wish for the relationship with the loved one to have been "more, better, or different."

I can't remember the title or author, and I've tried to find the book since then but attempts to search the web or Amazon for "grief and guilt" aren't turning up any likely candidates. (For one thing, I suspect most books about grief address guilt in some way.)

Can you help?

Disclaimer: Nothing bad has happened in my life or to any of my loved ones. I just suddenly realized that the "guilt = wish for things to be better/different" is a good way to frame the social angst that I wrote in a recent (locked) entry. I want to look at the book again to see if its insights can be applied in this way.
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